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Olivia in Senoia
- 1.0

Date: 2024-01-25

Project: To go

Kinda disappointed. Heard awesome things about this place, so a bunch of us ordered togo from our office. The “nachos” had NO CHEESE, and like six pieces of chicken. Im sorry but $17 for chips, no cheese and barely any meat is pretty bad. Same thing happened to a coworker. Probably wont order again

Andy Roekest in Peachtree City
- 1.0

Date: 2023-09-28

Project: Gallery

Kinda weird that all the pics of your food in the gallery were all taken from Google. Sorry, not \"weird\". \"Disingenuous\"

Joe S. in Fayetteville, Ga.
- 1.0

Date: 2023-05-01

Project: Monday Lunch

Been to this place multiple times, at the old smaller location across the street and at the new location. Usually, 5 stars, great service, great food and great drinks. Today was a disaster. Ordered 2 Mohetos, which is the entire reason we visited. Bartender made one and brought it out for us to taste, wasn\'t even close, said his brother is usually there making the Mohitos and he didn\'t really know how to make them... I said just make me a skinny margarita with salt... Ordered the Chimichanga chicken and some cheese dip. We almost finished the cheese dip when the food came out, was a beef chimichamga, not what we ordered at all. Skinny came out with nothing on the rim, no salt, sugar, zippo. Got the bill and it had two Mohitos on it, the gross one my wife drank and the second one I never got... Anyhow, paid the server and tipped 20% and bounced. Not at all what I have become accustomed to at this place...

Wilfred and Pearlie Moody in Fayetteville, Ga.
- 5.0

Date: 2023-02-25

Project: Birthday dinner

We were part of a party of over 40 people for my granddaughter\'s birthday. The service and the food was phenomenal. We were amazed at how we were served so quickly and professionally. Loved the birthday song that was sung by the staff. My husband and I will be returning by ourselves. Thank you to the manager, waiters, and waitresses. Outstanding food came from the kitchen. ❤

Brandie in Brooks
- 2.0

Date: 2022-12-05

Project: Food critique

Had to wait a great deal on service. Ordered a Chile Relleno and it was very poor. Do not recommend this place.

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