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Cathy in Fayetteville GA
- 1.0

Date: 2022-03-24

Project: Nightmare Dinner Experience

I am not one to write negative reviews, but after tonight\'s experience here, I am left no choice. We arrived at the restaurant at approximately 6:30. Waited over 20 minutes to have someone take drink orders, while watching people who arrived after us being served. It took another 20 minutes for the first part of our beverages to arrive at the table. We then waited at least 15 minutes for someone to take our order. At 7:50 we still had no food. In the meantime 7 tables that came in after us had been served, several finishing their meals. Finally walked up to register. Was advised ours was still cooking. My family, which included 2 children, were extremely frustrated and hungry. In a very abrupt way without any apology, the server told us they would give us our food free. But by this time my family had enough and proceeded to walk out. So I declined their offer and cancelled it. Since we did cancel the order, they insisted we pay for our beverages. This was like an insult to me considering how they had ruined our family evening out. Based on this experience and what I feel was lack of caring about the situation, we will never be back...irregardless of how much we enjoyed their food in the past. Yes, the small venue was very busy, but there is no excuse for lack of caring about your customers.

Senoia Ga local in Senoia, Ga
- 5.0

Date: 2021-12-18

Project: 6498

The \'Senoia Texas\' is AMAZING! \r\nChicken, steak, chorizo, mushrooms, onion, and more topped with mozzarella cheese... and the seasoning!!! ... flavors explode in your mouth! \r\nI woke up the next day craving it for breakfast 😋 \r\nThey were packed but service was good. All employees were working their tails off. I think they are going to need a bigger building 😊

Jessie hernandez in Lubbock Texas
- 1.0

Date: 2021-12-04

Project: 6179

Tortilla s are not toasted enough! Too chewy ! Food is not good ! I won’t be back ! Better authentic Mexican restaurants in Lubbock to

April in Senoia
- 1.0

Date: 2021-11-15

Project: 5760

Servers were uninterested. Food was just ok. They frozen vegetables in their food.

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